Don't leave the child
alone in the Internet

- Track your kids activities online and offline
- Control your kids' computer time
- Teach children responsibility in cyberspace

Check visited websites
What your child is watching on the web,
and when.
Fun, learning or pornography?
Just look and you will have full information
Check used applications
Find out what he or she uses
the computer for
The time spent at the computer
Keep track of how long your child
is on the computer
How Visikid works?
This small desktop application on the computer is gathering information about visited websites and started applications. It is also measuring time in front of the monitor. More...

Why our users love Visikid
Visikid is the perfect solution for working parents who has to leave their kids at home and hope they aren’t wasting time online, or worse, viewing online porn when they should be doing their homework.
In case you want to know exactly what and when your child is watching on the web this is the right site for you, as it provides a solution that will give you the peace of mind you need. It will be attractive to parents that want to keep their kids safe form harmful content.
Visikid is taking the educative role in regards to your child’s safety on the internet.
Teach children responsibility
"Visikid is taking the educative role in regards to your child’s safety on the internet"
Why Visikid is a better solution than the typical applications for parental control?
The sensible parent will explain to a child how the signal system works, what a zebra crossing is, and what rules should be obeyed. At first, a parent will cross the street holding a child by his or her hand. Later, a parent will let a child go independently but will be supervising whether a child is obeying all safety rules.

Good parents know that holding the child in the cage is not a way to teach him road safety. That is why Visikid blocks nothing and nothing is forbidden. It only lets us check whether the child is behaving the way we have taught him or her. When we have already made sure that the child deserves this trust, we can simply stop the parental control.
Isn't talking to a child a better way to teach him or her responsible use of a computer than the parental controls?
If parents devote an appropriate amount of time to their children, talk to them, and explain the world to them, parental control software probably is not needed. Unfortunately, many parents are not able to spend as much time with their children as they should. It does not mean that those parents do not care about their own children’s interests. To such parents, Visikid would certainly be helpful.
Will Visikid replace educational conversations, such as telling a child the facts of life?
Just the opposite – it is supposed to encourage the conversations. If the parent acknowledges that the child is using the computer in the wrong way, he or her must talk with the child, explain, and induce the change of attitude. Visikid does not have the magic button “block”, because that is not a method of raising a child.