Is it possible to install Visikid on separate accounts for children and parents who use the same computer?
Yes. To do this, create a separate user accounts (see how to do it). Należy wykonać następujące kroki:
1. Download this version of the application.
2. Set up temporary administrator rights for children accounts.
3. Switch to your child account.
4. Install Visikid.
Why Visikid is a better solution than the typical applications for parental supervision?
Creating Visikid we thought of wide, busy street in the large city. This is an Internet. No sensible parent will leave the child alone in the middle of the crossing. The sensible parent will explain to a child, how the signal system what is zebra crossing and what rules should be obeyed. At first a parent will cross the street holding a child by its hand. Later a parent will let a child go independently, but he will be supervising, whether a child is certainly obeying all principles.

Good parents know that holding the child in the cage isn't a way to teach him the road safety. That’s why Visikid is blocking nothing and nothing is forbidden. It only lets check, whether the child behaves the way we taught them. When we already make sure that the child deserves this trust, we can simply with a clear conscience stop looking.
Isn't talking to a child a better way to teach him responsible use of a computer?
If parents are devoting to children appropriately a lot of time, talking to them and explaining the world to them, Visikid won't probably be needed. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t able to spend as much time with their children as they should. It doesn’t mean that those parents don’t care of their own children interests. To such parents Visikid would be certainly helpful.
Will Visikid replace educational conversations telling a child the facts of life?
Just the opposite – it is supposed to provoke them. If the parent acknowledges that the child is using the computer in the wrong way, he must talk with a child, explain and induce the change of attitude. Visikid doesn't have the magic button “block”, because it isn't a method of raising a child.
Won't I violate the privacy of my children by installing Visikid
No, the same way as you aren't infringing their privacy going to parents' evenings or caring for that a child doesn't fall into the bad company. Visikid isn't acting in secret, just the opposite - it is visible on the system belt all the time. We shouldn’t mix up the trust with absolute toleration. It is necessary to deserve the trust.
Is a child alone able to turn the program off?
No. The only way to turn the program off is passing the password placed by the parent.
How uninstall Visikid?
To remove Visikid follow these steps:
1. Right-click on the blue Visikid icon in the system tray (near the clock).
2. From the menu, select "Finish" (if the program after a few seconds is not turned off, please try again).
3. Uninstall it by clicking the Start Menu: Visikid-> Uninstall.
4. Log-in, go to account settings and delete your account.

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